Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of 2009

Nice and relaxing.  We all stayed up til midnight to ring in the new year.  D waited long enough to see the ball drop and dropped into bed (poor guy working to the bone).  This may have been the second year DL has made it to midnight before crashing.  P hasnt had a problem making it for years.

I had noise makers, hats and those pop-it guns and little bottles saved up from the 4th (and last new years I believe) so the boys and I stood on the porch (freezing!) and did them all.

This morning had me finishing up wrapping on the gifts for my family get together today before ditching the guys for open stitch group at A&T.  Had great fun, good eats and lots of belly laughs.  Then off to sisters for dinner, gifts and the evil chocolate cake from Costco (only had a small slice of that chocolaty goodness).

Boys got more legos - which they promptly put together when they got home and worked more on the Ferris wheel DL got on Sunday.

Stitchy updates

I pulled out Celtic banner for Tuesday's stitch group and finished line 2 of the alphabet and added more to the right border.

Rest of the week was spent on P's stocking.  Ive got quite a bit added but then found a frog infesting the chest area during today's open stitch at A&T.  Decided it was time to leave (did have a bit of shopping to do for dinner) and now I will be on a hunt for the varmint and find out how bad the damage is.

I dont do stitching goals as its a hobby that I want to keep as a fun hobby.  Lists remind me of work and those annoying seminars to "better schedule your time".  I use stitching to lose track of time and relax :o).  Kudos to those who do keep them and are able to accomplish item on their lists!

That being said - I do have a list of starts I want to do this year.  Tad variation on the finish list eh?  
1. My MMIRR project.  Needless to say I havent been able to do much on this front and due to 2 other new starts I want, it doesnt look that promising it will get started in the first quarter of this year.

2.  A Lord of the Rings montage (one of at least 2).  D wanted me to do a LOTR pic as a stitchy project.  After I gulped for air (havent done a BAP yet) we went googling for images he liked.  This is one of several I converted in PC stitch that he chose.

3.  This is one of the first LOTR posters I found and fell in love with.  Its not from the movies and you can see my earlier post about it here.  I decided that I needed another BAP so I could have yet another diversion from the first :op. 

4.  This item is more of a floss organization hope-to-accomplish rather than a stitch finish.  Ive been using bobbins and bins to store my floss BUT Ive been seeing how others have been using the floss away bags (Sharon's arraignment is wonderful thinking - 3x5 cards in the bags).  I purchased a set of tear drop cards on a ring for Celtic banner but dont really have a friendly place to keep the floss (away from the chart & fabric to help keep it a bit cleaner).  I want to get some of the bags for my banner project and maybe keep the tear drops for something else.  Thoughts?

Thank you all for your wonderful comments throughout this year.  Everyone has been a great motivator and some (lots?) have been enablers - such wonderful finishes yourselves!  

Off to play with Homer - apparently DL didnt get all the spunk out of him today, lol


  1. Here's how I use Floss*A*Way bags to organize.

    And, yes, the database is updated now.

  2. Those LOTR pieces look like they will be challenging.

    Good luck with solving your stirage issues i'm going to have to start to think about how I store all my stitchig stuff as the amount of stash and number of WIPs keeps growing.

  3. Wow, those LOTR ones will be awesome!

    I went through several other storage methods (lol, Brokenfairy now has my old bobbins and boxes) before settling on the bags with cards. It's just so easy and keeps the threads clean and unkinked~I love it.