Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday and more Christmas

Heading off for another Christmas get together today, lunch at the in-laws.  The boys are excited.  The plows finally got to their house yesterday, but even then it could be an adventure.

I worked on Celtic Banner Friday and was able to complete more of the alphabet.  

Didnt get anything accomplished yesterday but was able to search more on replacing my LCD screen on my phone.  Turns out its cheaper to do that then get a new phone.  So once we have the spare cash I will be sending for the replacement part and tools and D will get it replaced.  We watched a video online yesterday - lots of screws.

I leave you with some pics of homer lounging under my desk - has to be close to a human :o)


  1. Homer has the sweetest face.

    Have fun at lunch!

  2. Celtic Banner is coming along nicely, what floss are you using for the letters? It's lovely