Friday, December 26, 2008

I can count! Really!

just not when Im really tired.  Started working on Celtic Banner for the Lets Stitch SAT tonight and found I got to remove a few stitches.  About 20, which was about 1/4th of the string I was working with.  Not too bad but annoying just the same.  So happy I caught it now as its part of the long border.  I get giggles from D when I have to frog.  I was in accounting for 15 years (+) and should know how to count!

Ever just sit back and watch when a cat washes it's face?  Homer has mittens and it may be the extra toe but it is so fascinating (and unbelievably cute!) to watch him wash his face.  And now since he is feeling better, cleaning is now back in the top 5 things he does during the day. 
1) beg for feedings 1+ hrs before time.  
2) meow for clean water (cause the water that was just put down just isnt clean enough).  
3) Find the perfect spot as close to a human as possible (strange for a cat?).  His faves atm is me or P.  Usually he will follow me from room to room, find a comfy spot close to where I am.  If Im moving around too much he will find P.  When P gets home from school - he has to be re-musked and Homer will do his best to sit as close as possible.  This is usually when he will do some washing. 
4) My chair to sleep in at night.  He is feeling good enough these days to be able to jump into my easy chair.  Annoying due to the fur but Im glad he is better.  
5) meow cause he wants to play!  (YEA!)  While this is a wonderful change from the past 6 months, he only does this around 10pm.  And he is loud enough to wake up the kids - on occasion.  I do my best to accommodate him as play time only lasts about 10 min.

I have some small sad news.  My cell phone (HTC Tilt) had a minor (semi-major?) accident on the 24th which resulted in the LCD screen getting crushed (found out how it feels to be slammed in a car door).  Much sadness as it is my life line.  Phone numbers, appointments, alarms, texts.  Spent yesterday calming down for being such an idiot.  Part of today was spent calling AT&T to see what I could do through them (NOTHING! - shocker) and looking online to see what other phones were being sold on craigslist and D had a brilliant idea in seeing if we could just replace the screen!  Love that man.  So far Ive seen 1 replacement screen for ~$100, which is tons better than getting a non-PDA phone.  So I will be researching places closer that may have the screen a bit cheaper (or at least no S&H) and instructions on how to replace the darn thing.  At least it didnt go for a swim like P's did a couple months ago...

All I have for now - long winded post tonight.  I will have an updated pic of Celtic Banner tomorrow.  Need to save something for future posts :oP


  1. I find just about everything cats do fascinating to watch. Such curious creatures!

    I finally switched Taco to "dry food only" when she decided to meow for new canned food every time one went near the kitchen...most annoying! Cats! LOL

  2. Sorry to hear about the miscount and the cell phone...$100! Yuck! Was that your kitty spying the tree? I'm glad the snow's melting, but now it's rain. Double yuck!