Monday, December 29, 2008

2nd Christmas down

one more to go.  Kids cleaned house - lots of Legos and puzzles.  DL has put most items together already, no clue what he plans on doing the rest of the week (lol).

I put Celtic Banner away before burnout and pulled out Mine All Mine (P's stocking) and found... a frog! *sigh.  And a bone to pick with how the chart was created.  I dont mind multi-page charts but throw me a bone and include shading from other pages.  I frogged so much trying to find the changes between the pages.  Nothing lines up easy.  So after quadruple checking x's on an arm from page 2 to 3 I am going back to page 2 and finishing the stitching there before moving back to page 3.

Now for the pics

Update of Mine all Mine

Finish of Sapin Noel as ornament


  1. A frog ina dragon: schocking !!! lol

  2. Darn frogs! I hate patterns without shading. Even simple ones you have to check and recheck. Blah!