Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day 4

Yup, Another snow day today.  Only reason I can think of is possibly some of the higher up streets may have been a bit slick.  Other than that the kids should have gone.  It did snow hard for about an hr, then the sun came out and we had blue, blue sky.  Melted all the snow.  Tonight we are supposed to get a bit more snow and freezing temps.  They havent called it yet but tomorrow is the last day of school before the Christmas break - why bother if the kids have been out all week?  Cant imagine the teachers being able to whip up homework packets for the week missed and winter break in one day.  Could you imagine having to teach the kids?  Talk about wild and crazy.

Well, I finally got out of the house and got the kids Christmas shopping DONE!  Yup, one store and I got everything for all the kids (nieces & nephews as well as my own)  I so rule!  It will be video game heaven for P and RC heaven for DL.  One major item for each and then little stuff to fill in the stockings.  Tight year but they get stuff from other family members so really it helps keep the toy volume down a bit.

I didnt stitch a bit today.  Work and looking at fun stuff DL or P did on games.  I did print more charts out from  She has created some cute ornie charts.

Now for info on Homer.  Silly cat that he is.  Earlier this year he was having issues with his back legs and was diagnosed with Diabetes (no kidding) and placed on insulin and a calorie controlled diet (what fun).  Well after about 4-5 months of shots and diet he as really turned around!  Gone is the lazy tom cat and hello Homer-kitty!  Silly thing will thump run (still has a bit of an issue with the hind end) down the hallway from the office to the kitchen, humph and take off back where he came from.  And playful with string and shadows.  Sadly our laser light pens need new batteries or Im sure he would be after those as well.  He has picked up a horrible habit of snoring - loudly.

Well - Tomorrow is an actual day off for me.  I hope to get presents wrapped and possibly get a batch of cookies made - that is if the kids are shipped off to school... *sigh*


  1. Well done on the one stoip Christmas shopping, isn't it great when that happens.

    Wow what a great site for ornies etc, thanks I've alreday added it to my favourites.

  2. OMG we have so much snow here! They closed down all of the schools and I wanted to stay home so bad and just stitch! No work, no pay so I had to drive in this stuff. Major YUCK!