Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day 3

We all survived the 3rd snow day in a row.  The weather didnt quite cooperate with the forecast today and it didnt snow where we are as much as promised (threatened?) DL did get a great start on a snowman.  Had 2 parts done but apparently the second just wasnt up to snuff so down it went to be rebuilt and it broke apart.  Hope to get it finished later this week as we are 'supposed' to get more snow.
Not sure at this time if Snow Day 4 will happen tomorrow or not.  Depends how much rain/snow we get tonight and if it freezes (oh what fun that would be).  As the school dist isnt deciding to close until tomorrow, the kids are getting to bed early tonight in preparation for an actual school day.

I finished my 9th ornament of the year today.  Another version of Sapin Noel.
Turned out pretty.

As for the gifts I finished stitching - I believe I will hold off til next year so I can save up and have them properly framed.  I was thinking of going a cheaper route with Bethlehem and cubing it but it needs a frame.  I would rather hold off now and finish it up nice rather than just get it finished.  Same goes for Sunshine House.  Also allows me more time to get some bigger stitchy gifts done for others - just in case someone feels slighted.  I had 2 sil's done but not for #3.  That could have caused issues. 

Well off to cut fabric and gather threads for Yo ho ho ho.  Maybe I can do 10 for the year?


  1. Sounds like it's very white wehere you are, any chance of some pictures, especially of the snowman, if he gets finished?

    The ornie looks very pretty.

  2. Sapin Noel is very lovely! We're supposed to get our next dump tomorrow after the morning rush hour!

  3. Your ornament turned out nice. We're supposed to get 6-12" tonight into tomorrow.