Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hate to say this

but I am so tired of the snow!  We are getting dumped on this weekend - snow and ice.  Cant take a pic of what the yard looks like today as its still dark but its covered again.  DL will be excited as he should be able to finally finish his snowman.  They are expecting 4-6 inches today in the PDX area.  A lot more than we are used to.  Heck a little bit of snow killed school all week!

Glad D took us to Michaels yesterday - the boys will be making cards and decorating frames for Christmas presents.  Also gives them something else to do than watch TV and play video games when they are too cold to stay outside.  I was able to toss a few more items for ornie finishing as well.

*sigh - just got the updated forecast and they have taken my balmy 45 deg for Christmas away and replaced it with 38 & wintery mix!

I finished Yo ho ho ho last night and started on Renne de Noel by Valerie.  She has a number of Christmas ornie freebies - check them out.

Well on to more ornie creations.  Going to have a marathon finishing party (well a party of one) while the kids are working on cards this weekend.  See how many I can finish and see how many more I can create before Christmas eve.


  1. What a cute finish! Seems like the whole country is getting snow, we are gearing up to go out and clear the driveway again.

  2. Yo Ho Ho Ho looks great! I have the chart, just haven't started it! Isn't this snow just unbelievable? When was the last time we had snow (this much of it!) for this many days? I can't believe it snowed all day!