Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playing with Gold!

After finishing 2 of the 10-odd ornaments I worked on Autumn.  I think she had to cover her eyes (that she still doesnt have yet) to the brightness.  I completed the treasure braid surrounding a number of blocks this evening.  Making sure I have the math right BEFORE coloring them in.  As you may recall, the M block had to be completely demolished as I was too far over (4 whole squares).  The demolition happened a week or so ago as a break from ornaments and christmas stuff.  Seemed right to go back and get some of the braid in.

I completely finished 2 whole ornies!  Yea me!  Bent 2 needles in the process.  One of my faves (sniff) and then one I dont really care about.  I followed Vonna's instructions on creating pin keeps but instead of pins, I stitched ribbon and added a loop for a hanger.  Turned out pretty good.

Well, more ornies will be worked on tomorrow, now that I understand what is really needed.


  1. The ornies look good, like the backing fabric.

  2. Lovely works!
    Just stoped by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best possible for 2009!

  3. LOOKS great :) Both the WIP and the finished ornies! Yay YOU!