Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy Monday

We woke up to more snow falling this morning.  Stopped late morning, sent a bit more as a tease and then stopped for the day.  More is due sometime tomorrow with another break Wed morning.  Christmas will be very interesting this year.  We are used to gathering at the In-laws Christmas eve, Christmas morning at our house with possible visitors.  Gathering for my side happens when it happens.  BIL is a pastor and does a Christmas service so we tend to fit gatherings in as they fit.

The office was officially closed today but some of us who could connect did - yea us!  No news yet if they are closing again tomorrow - may be waiting for what morning brings.

Autumn popped out, trying to get more light I think.  I was able to complete the M and U.

Had to take a break from playing with beads and broke out Celtic Banner.  Finished the top row of Black Forest and working on the second row.  Working my way to start working on the alphabet.

Also made some chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies.  The boys each had a taste, to make sure they passed muster.  They did.

Ive got to get working on finishing the load of ornies tomorrow.  D was sent home today from work and totally threw off my groove today.

I leave you with pics of DL, who buried himself in the snow like it was sand.  Silly kid :o)


  1. Well done on your progress on Celtic Autumn and Banner!!

    Wow I would love snow like that!!
    Send some my way!!

  2. Autumn is progressing well.
    Have a lovely Christmas x

  3. The top of Celtic Autumn is coming along well.

    Brrr - I feel cold just at the thought of burying yourself in snow.

  4. Autumn's looking good. I'm sick of the snow. Yes, I kinda wished for a white Christmas, but only in the normal way we get know, snow for a day...not TWO weeks.

  5. Both of your WIP's look great. I REALLY enjoyed working on Celtic Banner, I hope you do too!