Monday, November 17, 2008

Sort of a blah weekend

Didnt get much done this weekend. Hit a wall on Bethlehem, or more of a burn out. I cant let it go on for too long as it needs to be completed for this year!

I did complete a WIP ornie and started on another that got at least 1/2 way done. Made it to A&T, Michaels and Joanns - got threads, fabric and holder for the project Im teaching my friend with. I gave her the holder with the necessary items for the project today and we will be hopefully starting tomorrow during lunch.

Highlight of the weekend was getting the items for Celtic Banner. I took some time Sunday to review the pattern to see where I could make additional bling changes. I will be getting more beads for 3 more colors - Wont be using them in place of of the threads but in some areas beads could make small sections of the pattern pop. Now to get my notes down so I dont forget what I want to do where and share them with my blogger friends.

Nutty stitch group is tomorrow night and I will be taking Celtic Banner to find out where I can start, Sunshine House - to find out how to do the specialty stitches so it can be finished. Im trying to get my student to join in tomorrow night. We will be working on a ornament (so perfect for this group) and to show her the shop and introduce her to the A&T family.

One last thing I found out this weekend is that my cell phone takes better pictures than our camera! So sad that our poor camera is that far behind the times. So for now, pictures will be taken with my cell and posted. Good thing is that I now wont have to snag the camera from D to get pics to post ;o)

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