Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have one - with beads! It all started with Celtic Autumn - of course the chart calls for beads but they add so much to the project!

As you may have read, I added Celtic Banner to my long list of WIPs this past week and over the weekend I had another look at the chart cause the one bead color Ive added just didnt seem to be enough - there needed to be more! So Ive added 4 more to the list for that chart. It wont be extensive as my choice to exchange all x's of 3047 with 02002 beads but on smaller areas the following will be exchanged

DMC Floss/Beads


Those changes got me thinking of other small changes I could make in the charts I want to do next year (ya, like I dont have enough in the works already!)

The Renaissance Angel in the December 2008 JCS mag is just asking for beads.

Green beads for the x's around her and on the red part of her dress and red beads for the motif down the right side. Just think of the possibilities :o)

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  1. You will be dreaming of beads next..... they do add that little something extra though!!