Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sad news

They are tightening down the hatches at work - or at least what we are 'allowed' to look at on the web using their connection.

Yes it makes perfect sense but its still annoying as hell. Its one thing to block me from looking at my own blog (backend - making changes - accessing the dashboard) but at least make it consistent such as keeping the block on YouTube!

The axe came down right before lunch - I found out by some poor person wanting to know why Pandora (online radio) suddenly stopped working (like I would know). So on a whim, I tried other sites and yup - blocked. Even lolcats! Who would want to block those! A few weeks ago 538 and Intrade were blocked but Electoral-vote wasnt. I am waiting to find out when Fark will be toasted. Guess I should have picked the 3G iPhone instead of my tilt (easier to surf the web). Such as it is, my phone may be getting more of a workout during lunch while I check up on reader (not blocked - yet) and Fark.

I did test emailing posts via mms (text messaging via cell phone) and email (from computer and phone) and was successful on all attempts - which you may have seen earlier.


  1. Seems to be a common problem with companies blocking more and more stuff. For a few years one of our local councils has had the right to sack anyone who spends more than 15minutes a day reading personnal emails or surfing the web.

  2. How frustrating! Of course, I can't even get the internet to pull up at all half the time at work! UGH!!!