Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not so hard-headed

Wonderful call from P's school this morning. Apparently he fell and knocked his noggin around - "he is fine but has a large bump behind his ear so we need you to come pick him up." So which is it? If he's fine, why do I need to pick him up? Not that I dont love the growing monster (gonna be as tall as I am by New Years :oO) but the choice of words by this non-nurse person... I didnt see or feel any bump when he got home.

Anywho - As I was an hr away, I was able to get Grandma to pick him up and drop him off at home where I tucked him in the car and took him to the Dr.

Short story is he has a slight concussion, a horrible headache and an scraped ear that looks like it will be pretty shades of purple by morning. D and I get to wake him every 2-3 hrs to make sure things are good - all night long (joy). Jury is still out whether he goes to school tomorrow. Will have to wait til morning and see how he is doing.


  1. Boys will be boys. It's just as well they usually bounce quite well.

  2. Boys! I hope he's doing well :)