Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Incredible Night

What an incredible night! I went to open stitch group at A&T, needed a break :o) but kept tabs on the EV count. Hit 279 right before I left the shop. Listening to news radio on the way home and got to hear the breaking news on the way home (8:20pm PT!) - McCain's concession! I did a hoot, holler, clapped and happy dance in my car. Did the same once I got in the door at home. P was like - duh mom! He had been watching the EV count on TV all night (for homework!). I stayed up too late last night, watching Obama's speech and all the other commentary but it was worth it.

This has been a crazy election. I had been more involved this election than any in the past, reading articles and comments from others, tv news, talking with a few people but mainly listening. And having P, at 11, getting involved thanks to school. It was fun to sit with him during all 4 debates, answering his questions about the process, asking him questions on what he thought and talking with him about the issues at hand. I dont remember doing anything on this level of involvement with my parents on any of the elections that took place while I grew up. I am hoping the same can take place in 2012 with DL. May be more exciting as we will have 2 young people to discuss issues with (key word that - WITH. No robots in this house).

What I feel Obama can do for USA - Talk with us when he can about the issues we face. Listen and discuss with his advisers on the best course of action. Not go off half-cocked with a fix it for now and deal with it later attitude.

We all have to know the issues we face are not going to be fixed with a band-aid, over night, magic wand. They stewed for a long while and will take a while to fix. This has to be kept in perspective during the next 4 years.


  1. Watching the election results roll in was *almost* as exciting watching the Olympics. LOL It was amazing to see people's reactions!

  2. My English daughter was in New york for the election and sent me a text at 5 am (my time) to say it was absolutely insane over there. I had just got into bed after staying up to make sure Obama won.