Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October day

Walked out this morning to the perfect definition of a fall morning. Crisp, slightly foggy and a bit green tinge to the sky. Combine that with the wonderful colors of falling leaves - beautiful.

Im still working on When Witches go Riding on Max. Easy to pull out the pattern, take a quick look at my next stitches and go to town (literally!) I spent part of this evening (ok, 5 min or so) pulling out branches from Midnight Fright so I can replace them with the darker thread. Not much energy for anything else. I do have a few ideas on what to try and finish for SILs Christmas present. Combine that with a lot of days off between now and Christmas and I should be able to pull everything off.

D has decided we are making goodies for presents this year. Cookies and fudge! (mmmm) I hope I can get in line for the needed taste testing that must happen when cooking mass amounts of goodies. Thankfully our kitchen is made for this (my perfect planing I must say) Just need to borrow mom's mixer, get a couple more cookie sheets and cooling racks (which could be borrowed as well Im sure), bring in the extra long folding table and BAM! Goodies production line!

P stayed home all day for the first time today. I was called quite a bit but more for "Hey mom, I got 3 poems done for class already" or the much anticipated "Mom, can I play video games?" Only once was I called to find out where I hide the band-aids. Apparently he was involved in a well needed trip and his desk rudely got in the way. I was told it was not anything he was planning on, it just happened. (and in my tone of voice - I had to laugh!)

DL's afternoon bus schedule finally changed. It was too perfect for me to stay the way it was so now someone needs to be home by 3:15 to walk him home. P is home by that time but not quite old enough to sit on his brother. (we are so waiting for that day!!!) So now we are working on changing schedules to work around this - change.

And to top off my week, work has decided to bring the IT depts where I work "in line" with Corp. Fancy way of saying we are laying people off to save $$. Majority were managers, one of which was mine. Us worker bees are expecting more to come, not necessarily in IT but in other areas. Upper management and HR are so cute in their surprise when they find out we know about these things. As far as my changes go, Ive worked with my new manager for a number of years already on projects so his style isnt new or outlandish, more understandable and realistic expectations. Will just have to see where November takes us... Im hoping my current schedule doesnt change too much.


  1. Hope you survive any cuts at work. I know all too well how worrying it can be. Last year Husband was made redundant and quickly got another job only to be let go last week due to the economic downturn!!

  2. Hope everything goes well for you ...

    Do you have to be home by 3.15 pm or you just leave work to walk him home then go back to work?

  3. Hang in there sista.........oh ya iposted puppy pics for ya Hugs

  4. Hope all goes well!
    Since tonight is "that" night, Happy Halloween.
    Hope the costumes are ready and not too scary.
    Wish you a good "trick or treat" if you are in the mood for that.
    Best regards