Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darn DVRs anyhow!

About a month or so ago I caved and let D get a DVR for our dish. We have had Direct TV for over 10 years, not able to record anything but with East and West coast feeds, why bother?


We can record and watch later! Damn it all!!! *sigh

Another rant is CBS's inability to have full episodes available to watch online. I would love to watch the earlier shows of the Mentalist but NOPE. Also would love catching up on The Big Bang (D deleted last weeks show...See above rant) but NOPE - All I can get is 1-2 min snippets with 30 sec commercials before AND after. They need to take a tip from FOX (Fringe - love it) and NBC (My Own Worst Enemy - like it). Full Episodes guys!

While Netflix on-demand streaming is good (no commercials) it only has some of the shows (NCIS Season 6 - ONLY) and nothing from the current season.

Guess I will have to wait for summer reruns or for Netflix to place them on on-demand...

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