Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14 SAT

Not sure if Im able to join in tonights SAT on the Let's Stitch blog. D's company holiday party is tonight and the boys are going to my inlaws for the night - boy is DL excited!

I dont have pic updates of Bethlehem but Im about 3/4 complete. Im getting burned out but want to keep chugging along so it gets finished with plenty of time for me to play with frames & stuff.

DL has learned how to blow gum bubbles and is very proud of himself. I got the boys bubblegum trident (so they could make better bubbles!) and DL tries every night to make bubbles. Very funny.

Well, off to toss DL on the bus and get myself on the train for work.

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  1. Be careful there. You miss a week or two of Let's Stitch's SATs and you'll be considered "inactive". I didn't sign up for Halloween or the anniversary of my mom's death and I got the boot. I guess those weekly challenges aren't as "optional" as they're made out to be...