Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been tagged by the lovely Jennifer to share six random things about myself, according to the rules.

The rules are as follows:

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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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So, here are six random things about myself:

1. I am the first born girl in 8 generations on my dad’s side.

2. Right-handed (ok – mostly ambidextrous) but left-eye dominate. This drives my fil nuts as according to him, whatever eye is dominate is what hand is dominate (ie you write with).

3. I inhale books – mostly exclusive to sci-fi/fantasy. Was able to read 3 books since last Wed. sad, sad, sad. There are times I wish I could read AND stitch.

4. Started stitching around the age of 5. Mom had to do something so she could stitch.

5. Have corrupted my kids – they started their own cross stitch projects within the past year.

6. I hate clothes shopping

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  1. I can relate to how your mom felt! I started teaching my 6 year old niece, and now 4 year old nephew how to stitch so I can stitch in peace when I am around them. They always want to "help", so I am going to start carrying some extra fabric and threads for them to play with so I can work on my own projects.

    And all I have to say is thank god for the public library or my DH and I would be in a serious amount of debt over books!

  2. I enjoyed reading the tidbits of info about you... I'm not a big fan of clothes shopping either. Or shoe shopping, or purse shopping!