Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun stuff ahead

I was asked to teach a friend and colleague how to cross stitch! She wants to learn on something simple so she can make a stocking for her new littleone (who is due next May) in time for next christmas. I am so excited!

I chose the new jingle Sparkle joy ornie by Midsummer Night Musings. I think its something perfect for a beginner - not too hard but colorful enough and we may be able to finish it in time for her to add it to her tree this year! I will be going to A&T tomorrow to pick up a zipper pocket to keep her project safe from the dogs as well as getting all the supplies she needs.

I did work on Bethlehem today - about 2 1/2 hrs altogether. I figure I can stitch one whole string in about 1/2 hr. Working on the second sheep (?) and closer to the stable. I still need to go back and work on the evil tree (Ive had to ripit out 3 times already) Im waiting til everything else is done so Im sure to have enough thread. But as my stitchy time was before 6pm, Im not counting it towards the Lets Stitch SAT fridays.

Off to bed!


  1. It's great that you are teaching someone to stitch,
    I gave my sister a tiny dog kit,as she asked me what I found so interesting about stitching, she managed to stitch it and then gave it away before showing me!and she has never shown any more interest since :0(

  2. Oooh, have fun teaching your friend/coworker!

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my Blog! I love to know who has been visiting!
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