Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Froggy nights

Had a difference of opinion with the color used for the tree on Midnight Fright by Praiseworthy Stitches. It called for WDW Pecan (light brown) but the pic on the chart had a much darker brown - darn dye lot changes. When I kitted this bad boy up, I stuck with what was charted, it looked good with the fabric I chose. But as the tree was stitched, the more I hated the color.

I discussed the dilemma with the gals at A&T and they agreed, I should go with a darker brown. Sad thing was I didnt want to frog out the stitches I had already done!

So, during open house at A&T, I picked up WDW Molasses, a nice dk brown that works with the fabric quite well. The pic below shows a branch of Pecan and the new branch of Molasses.

I did frog a bit last night, the bottom branch had less to remove :o).

On other news, I was able to find ideas for Christmas presents for a SIL after some sleuthing with my MIL. I do have a question. Is it rude to ask a person's likes and dislikes via questionnaire for gifts? Christmas can be such a chore, trying to find a present for people we dont hang with but are family. I hate going with just a card, even though that is what we expect from them. Tis the season of giving and when else better to give a gift of stitching?


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  1. Well in my family we have always asked what people want for Christmas. It usually isn't the person who is getting the gift that we ask but a close family member, so can you do that instead of asking the actual recipiant of the gift?