Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

Started a new project for the Let's Stitch SAL. Need to get presents started/completed for Christmas before it gets too late (lol).

2005 Dragon of Hope by Dragon Dreams will be a present for D's sister. Dragon and purple - two likes in one :o)

I was able to complete quite a bit on this over the weekend. I'd love to say its about 1/2 way done. Using old DMC thread (early 1990's) has the colors more purple than the blues of dye lots today.
Flying Monkeys is about 1/2 done as well. I started this last week and would have had it completed if I didnt have other items vying for my attention (or screaming for me to stitch on them!)

Ive been taking a break from Tanglewood as my MAX stitchy piece and have been working on When Witches go Riding instead. I was able to get the pumpkin 1/2 completed on the ride in this morning.
This weekend was Open House at A&T. The gift with purchase this year was a reusable stitchy back with their logo. Its like the reusable bags grocery stores are using these days but this one has pockets on the sides! One large on one side and 2 on the other. Very cool and this one currently holds all my WIPs! I had P along with me and we also picked up some charts, mostly christmasy stuff, LHN & JBW. Also placed my name on a couple pieces of the silent auction for retiring shop models.
D & I took the boys to the pumpkin patch Sat morning, looked at the animals, gasped at the cost of the corn maze (no we didnt bite) and DL pumpkin bowled - all before getting on the tractor to be pulled to the pumpkins. DL picked out one that was about as heavy as he is. P and I got reasonable ones while D got nothing. Boys and I spent most of yesterday afternoon getting goopy carving pumpkins. After carving, we tested them by taking them into the bathroom, placing the battery lights in and turning the lights off. Ohhs and Ahhs abounded.
The fun part of the weekend happened during laundry duties... Cue me opening the washing machine door and finding a small cell phone... Yup. P got his cell washed. Not good for the phone as little electronics have issues with water. Thankfully, knowing our kids as we do, the phone is on a protection program and for $50 of his allowance $$, he will get a new phone. And be sure to check his pockets better before putting clothes in for washing...
The topping of my weekend was giving Homer a bath. There are some days its the only way for me to get the muck off his feet (he doesnt cover what he leaves in the box, never has). That was needed as well as the matting he was getting on his chest and belly (poor thing). Funny thing about this bath is that there was no meowling, just him doing his kitty best to get the hell out of the tub (which wasnt as hell bent as in the past). He also wanted more comforting from me - usually Im hell spawn and he wants nothing to do with me for a few days afterwards. This time he was all over the combing and brushing and lovings. Silly cat.

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  1. What wonderful stitching! I used to cross stitch a long time ago and stopped. thanks for stopping by and posting. I am enjoying this so far. Can I add you to my blogroll?
    Rachael (Choch)