Thursday, October 2, 2008


A big HUGE nasty frog landed on Tanglewood and made a mess of things. I was hoping on posting a beautiful-omg-I-stitched-this-so-fast pic but found that Im up two whole rows higher than I should be (big sob!) I was 1/2 way done with the branch above and started working on the phoenix. I should thank the phoenix as that is how I found I was off...

Oh well. I can frog on the train just as well as stitch I suppose.

Dad Update
Emanuel is booting him out Friday!!! Lisa and I are putting him and mom up in a hotel friday night as the beds will not have been moved to the apt yet. Chris (bil) has a gang of people ready to help, including 3 trucks and at least 1 trailer (not to mention all the cars). I will be shocked if we cannot get everything moved that actually NEEDS to go to the apt on Sat.

Dad has been doing great, getting out and walking and even going to the hospital gym. Im so proud of him.

Well I may have pics of tanglewood later. The Lets Stitch blog is having a SAT this friday - I would love to join in but I think I have to sit this week out and focus on getting the parents moved and take some time for relaxing :P

Thx for stopping by!


  1. Great news about your dad. Good luck with the move this weekend.

  2. I'm so happy that your dad is doing well and getting the boot!! :) Sorry to hear about your froggy visitor...that's no fun. I realized last week that I had beaded all of the skirt beads on ToT with the orange instead of red...a-ripping off they came.