Friday, October 3, 2008

Tanglewood fixed?

Could be. While I didnt have to take out the whole branch, it twas enough to make me feel as if I did. I started another branch on the left to console myself and worked on that for the ride to and from work. I spent most of the debate ripping out the one branch and Phoenix.

I was able to stop by A&T yesterday to exchange the fabric for Midnight Fright, Yea! So of course I had to start that last night :op Its charted using Meadow Rue but I chose Shadowbrook. Its a bit more green and murky and perfect for Halloween.
Dad Update
Chris and Lisa have done a bang up job getting the main items moved from the house to the apt this week - mainly in prep for Dad's homecoming tonight. The beds were moved yesterday along with a chair and a couch (I believe). I will be doing a very important part today - getting the cable and internet setup! (lol) I will also be helping mom with getting dad home as Lisa needs to work.
Thx for visiting :o)

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