Tuesday, September 30, 2008


All that and a bit of pumpkin :oP

I worked on Boo last night and more on Tanglewood on MAX yesterday. No pic updates for Tanglewood as Im working on the branch outlines and changes just cannot be seen that well.

No WAR, D snagged my account to use my healer as a bot so he could play. The weather has been flip-flopping lately and my head and neck cant take it. About to take another round of Tylenol to stay off the headaches today.

On the Dad front
Getting the apartment signed off today or tomorrow. Mom needs help with that and neither day is good for Lisa or me - but we will manage. Dad called last night and told me he will be discharged within the next couple of days - which means we need to get stuff moved over this weekend and a hospital bed asap. ACK!

The Lyons will be over for dinner tonight, I must be crazy to agree to a mid-week dinner. Hoping I can badger DL to get his homework finished before they get here or it wont get done. P has my approval to lock himself in his room :P (Lyons are my sister's family - her, bil and 3 little ones). I have been asked to make sure my 1 1/2 yold nephew has something to play with (o m g). But difficult as my little one is 7! *sigh.

Chat with you later :o)

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