Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warhammer Online is out

and we got it installed last night. Silly gaming companies. This was originally to be released last year and even after it went gold it was pushed back. Servers went online at 9pm PT. D and I spent a good amount of time after 9 getting characters created and even played a bit before forcing ourselves to turn the computers off ;o)

I worked a bit more on Celtic Autumn yesterday and completed the M. Nothing else has been worked on. I did take Tanglewood with me to work yest but Autumn jumped out first.

Still working on getting through all 13 disks of Stranger in a Strange Land. Until that is done Ive put a halt on reading other books. One of those things that you just cant put down but in this case Im dealing with someone else reading the book. Nice actually as it slows me down a bit.

No Dad updates today. He is still recuperating after the surgery Tuesday. Going through Physical Therapy and Dialysis.

Thx for visiting ;o)

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