Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Open Stitch group night

Late night at LNS so no pictures :( Had a great time, was frustrated by a phone call by my sister about the parents so I went on a shopping spree :P I know, Bad Me, but it was so fun! Getting stuff setup for Celtic banner. Fabric will be 32 ct Waterlily linen, changed the threads for the alphabet from DMC charted to Caron waterlily Storm Cloud, and changed DMC 300, 301 & 400 to another brownish color family - Ack I cannot remember! It is written down but still all at the shop. The fabric has to be ordered so I cant really kit things up til I get that. When I get everything I will share my changes. I may add more while I stitch to make sure certain parts pop as I think they should.

I worked a bit more on Humble Stable but that chart/project is INFESTED with frogs. Every time I pick the darn thing up I see something else that needs to be fixed! May be another 10 years before I get the main family finished *sigh.

Started on the M on Celtic Autumn. I still love stitching this piece, even with all the beading involved. I can easily get in to a groove and move :o)

Im already on disk 4 of Stranger in a Strange Land. Love the person who reads. Im also finding the book much more funny now (at 38) than I did when I first read this (early 20's?) Went by the library and requested Starship Troopers cd as well as Citizen of the Galaxy. Sad that there arent more of his earlier books on CD, let alone many that the library carries.

**Dad update**
Skin Graft surgery was this afternoon. From what Lisa told me, everything went well and the Dr will check the status in about a week. If there are spots here and there having issues but still healing, he will call it good. If there is one or 2 main spots, he may/will go and do more grafting. Dad's PT will start in a couple days. Not sure what it entails other than getting up and walking around. Im sure I will hear more on that from Lisa when it happens.

Thx for visiting :o)

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  1. Hello!
    The first time I heard the phrase that names your blog was in a movie "Gods must be crazy". Someone in a big city said that to another and that another decided to move to the middle of nowhere. Laughed a lot with the movie but that made me think about how crazy it is sometimes to live in a big city
    Heinlein is one of my favourite sci-fi authors and I alredy read and re-read "Stranger.." more than a couple of times and aldo offered it to friends. It is an amazing experience to read it.
    Never tried to hear books. Seems strange not to have the pags to go by!!
    Best regards
    Paula Nunes Lima