Saturday, September 20, 2008

WAR weekend

Yup, no stitching, just playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. So far, very fun. Mix of DAoC and WoW. Classes seem to be pretty level - hoping that stays but given Mythic's history I know it wont and they will do something to muck it up.

I do have stitchy updates I know I need to post pictures of. I am proud of what Ive accomplished :)

Dad update:
I took Friday off so I could see Dad. Had a good meeting with him and Mom. Talked more about the stuff (projects) he has at home and what we may get rid of. Also talked about possible living situations once he is out of Emmanuel. PT nurse showed up while I was there and he was able to walk 45 ft before calling it a day. (yea!) He has lost lots of weight. Can see it in his arms, feet and hands. Not the way I would choose (nor would he!) He does look better.

D and I are heading back to the parents house to take another look at the projects and get a better idea what needs to be done.

See you later!

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