Monday, September 29, 2008

The long quiet

I have been quiet for most of the week. I was able to accomplish a little stitching this week (weekend actually) Started Boo by Val's Stuff - thats a chart I got last year but never got around to stitching it and I needed to do something for Halloween!

Thanks to a trunk show at A&T (and Tasha) I picked up Midnight Fright by Praiseworthy Stitches. I would have started on that for Halloween this weekend but wouldnt you know! The fabric is too small - had a couple sniffs about that Saturday. With how the pattern is, I need more than the 1.5 inches allowance Ive got for framing.

I was able to pick up the 2008 JCS Ornament issue. Saw it on the counter at A&T and snagged me a copy before going on my usual walk-about the shop.

Now on to other stitchy updates. Now these I have been promising pics on for a while :P

Celtic Autumn

Sunshine House
Humble Stable

Dad Update

Had a good long visit with Dad Sat. He is sad about having to sell the house but knows its the best thing to do if he wants to heal. We went on a long walk (down the long hallway and a small hallway before heading back). Im so proud with the progress he has made!

Lisa and Mom have picked out the apt and it sounds like we will be moving stuff in starting 10/4 and will hopfuly have the bed for Dad soon after. It may be another week before he is out from Emanuel due to the skin grafts healing.
Thx for visiting :o)


  1. Glad to hear that your dad is doing OK and that you got some stitching time in this weekend.

  2. All your stitching looks wonderful Rachel.

    Lovely to hear that your Dad is doing well.

  3. The stitching looks great.

    Good news on the dad and apartment front.

  4. lovely progress rachel glad to hear you dad is up and about and getting better also

    he will be sad moving from a house with so many memories but remind him of all the new memories he can make at the new house :)