Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decisions made

Had a good talk with the parents last night. May have seemed like we (Lisa, Chris, me and D) were ganging up on them but I believe we make some good strides in the right direction.

We are placing their house on the market. Its just too much for Dad to deal with and Mom couldnt. Please send kind thoughts their way as it will be difficult during the next few weeks. 30+ years in one dwelling and lots of memories :o)

Lisa and Mom went looking at apartments this morning in preparation. Even though we are both looking to possibly having them on either of our properties, it will be a matter of $$ and zoning. Third option is that they will have to stay in an apartment. But for now we are looking for the middle road, something for Dad to go to when he is done with PT at the hospital.

He is making great strides with PT. Shockingly so. We have been told that he does not need full time nursing care (yippee!!) when he is done at Emmanuel. We are working on other arrangements for when he is out of Emmanuel and on to the next phase.

That is all I have for now. Thx for visiting.

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