Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I actually stitched today

I did! Tanglewood managed to flip out of the bag and into my hands during lunch and while listening to V for Vendetta on my ipod (yea for movies!) I was able to get 2 whole threads stitched! While I wish it was more, I am very pleased that I was able to get something done.

One thing (or I should say a few) that keep coming to mind are all the WIPs I have waiting to see the light of day. Sunflower House (only a few petals and birds to finish!) Pirate's creed, Neighborhood, Needleworker, Happy Home, Mine all Mine, and Noah. I believe that is all the other WIPs I have out there, not actively being stitched at this moment. Ive been spending time on Tanglewood (pretty colors!) and Celtic Autumn (ohhh, shiny beads!) how can the others compete?? A couple of those are actual Christmas presents, I am still hoping to complete for this year (!). Almost sad to say the rest are all mine (*blush)

One would think I could get that promise of stitching going through to the evening but alas, not so. Ive spent (wasted?) most of my evening updating my Facebook page. Not sure why, maybe Im hoping for prospective networking? who knows - cant hurt.

As Dad is getting better, I will add his updates to my regular blog posts.

So on to the Dad Update!

He went in for more surgery today (or was it late yesterday...) and had the 3 incisions on his arms stitched, the big wound on his left sutured (stapled - not stitched. Why use a funky word that means stitch when its not what happened???), cut on his left chest stitched and a new VAC placed on his right side. I did hear from mom this afternoon that he will be moving to a new ICU wing, I believe this one is for less needy patients. She did say that Dad is SO ready to leave the hospital - NOW. But as good or want he may be or feel, he still has a long recovery (so the Dr's say). Im just glad I dont have to deal with his bed side manner on a day to day basis (lol). Unfortunately I havent been to see him this week. Trying to get used to my new work schedule and it as me worn out by 5pm. I am going to see if I can hitch a ride with Lisa tomorrow.

Thx for visiting. Sorry for the lack of pictures but not much stitching to really show - maybe by the weekend...?


  1. Pleasede to hear your dad's making good progress. It soiunds like your having a very stressful time of it at the moment so it must have been great to get even a few stitches in.

  2. Glad that your Dad is doing OK. It's good that you found a little time to stitch too.

  3. I see you have Pirates Creed in your WIP, I have just ordered that!! I love it. I look forward to seeing yours.

  4. Hiya :) Can't wait to see your start on tanglewood! I am being good and waiting lol. I'm on facebook..... first name Andrea last name Arthur if you want to add me :D

  5. Praying for a quick recovery for your dad.

  6. Glad to hear that you've been stitching again Rachel. It's good for the soul :o) Who cares about how many WIPs you have. Only you know ;o) LOL!

    Glad to hear your dad is still doing well. I can only imagine how tiring this is on you and your family.