Monday, September 8, 2008


Update on the WIP post. I seemed to have confused some viewers with my Humble Stable restart. The WIP pic I posted was the old stitching I did over 10 years ago. Im starting up again using a dark teal instead of dark blue or black. I hope to post a pic of the new start soon. Depends how much stitching I can get to this week.

With Dad in the hospital, kids back in school and me back at work - stitching seems to have hit a backseat. Im currently blaming the stress of the kids back to school combined with getting to see Dad at the hospital. Ive taken WIPs with me, thinking I just might get to something, but so far the only stitching Ive gotten to has been at open stitch group (thank gods for that!!!). Other than that Ive felt too tired to stitch even though Im getting around 8 hrs sleep...

Tonight found me and P running from store to store trying to find him some hiking boots for school. The first big trip is this Wed, annual trip to the top of Multnomah Falls outside Portland. Finally found SOMETHING at the 3rd store we hit. Amazing that outside/athletic stores do not have hiking boots in kid sizes! I feel we scored as we found waterproof ones that fit (yea me!). Got home, rushed him in the shower and threw both kids in bed. Im soon to follow - still too tired to pull out any WIPs to stitch :o(

P and I had a drive by cell phone talker in the store this evening. Woman had absolutely no clue of her surroundings or of the close calls she had with people or items. just walking around jabbering away. Scares me to think what she may be like on the road driving and jabbering!

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