Thursday, September 11, 2008

More work on Tanglewood

Yup! I made more time to work on Tanglewood yesterday. Closer to having 1 full branch completed. I have decided to hold off on stitching any leaves until after all the branches are completed. That way the leaves will have more variance in color. Hard to wait as the color (Thanksgiving) is so pretty!

Sorry no update pics. Too tired last night to break out the camera and strapped for time this morning. Both kids are being slugs today.

Dad Update

Found out that he has been moved from ICU to Progressive care as of yesterday. Still in the same Hospital, same floor, different wing. Also Mom told me that he still may be moved to Emmanuel today or tomorrow! Not sure if they found room or the Drs at Sunnyside complained loud enough to Emmanuel. I had planned to go see Dad today but found out last night that Back to School for DL has been planned for tonight. Lets hear it for great planning yet again this year by the school. *sigh*

Thx for stopping by :o)

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  1. Oh drat! I really wanted to see a picture ;o)

    From the sounds of it, schools really don't care what your life schedule is like. Hopefully you can get up to see your dad soon :o)