Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homer shots

Still no stitchy updates but I do have a Homer update.

We got to go to the vet again yesterday (as posted) and I got lessons on what I get to do to. Went through the steps (via computer no less) and was shown where I could watch a video of giving an injection to a cat (no, there wasnt any funny stories there such as retrieve the needle from the wall, grab the cat off the ceiling fan, sit on the floor and try again)

So to show me, the vet took a needle filled with water (happy hospital type water, not tap) to the correct dose pinches Homer and after searching for skin through the hair, injects him. He did not care for that at all, tried to bite her and hissed quite loud! So far Im so not looking forward to doing this at all. After his reaction, I did not take a turn - thinking that when it comes time (later in the day) for me to give him a real shot he may be more forgiving (too much to hope?)

So, around 7:30 pm its time for feeding (did I mention he now has different calorie controlled food!! good lord) and the shot. So I give him his scoops of food (and boy is he excited - it is food after all) and while he is distracted by food, I gave him the shot. No problems what so ever (am I kewl or what!!).

This morning I missed the food distraction - life happened. But had no problems after I extracted him from a happy spot, deposited him into my comfy chair, located skin (a huge feat with all that hair) and gave him the shot. Afterwards he did go out of his way to keep away from me but he is now lounging in my comfy chair as if it was his. Lord of his castle eh?

Maybe I'll have better stories later in the week to share.


  1. Congratulations on managing the shots! I would hate to give ours injections, but we manage quite well with tablets crushed into a small tin of tuna!

  2. Pleased to hear the shots went well, I wouldn't fancy doing that at all, so well done you.