Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween Town

Well Ive spent most of the evening trying to get some cool haunted house pics loaded into PC stitch to see how they would look stitched. UGLY! thats the only word I have. So Im back to square 1 as far as the MM&I RR is going. Im looking at possible charts to purchase but for the look Im wanting, I may be on my own and creating my own charts. Heck, maybe thats the poke I need to get my own charts going, eh?

No stitching at all today.

Outside stitchy news - we spent some time at the parents house going through items and finding stuff to keep and toss. Trying to get stuff in order for a huge drop box. D, P & Chris worked outside; Mom, Lisa and I worked inside while Nik, Katie & DL played. I feel that those working outside got loads of stuff accomplished.

Now P's friend Bill is staying over, the kids are playing video games. I made a Popcorn cake (has popcorn, peanuts, m&m's and melted marshmallows) for their dessert. It was a hit. Very sweet and sticky! I have enough for 2-3 weeks for the boys.

Planning on visiting Dad tomorrow. His mornings are better than evenings, hoping he wont be as tired. Chris said he was sitting up, walking around (a very small bit) and getting to eat on his own. Seems that he has come so far in 2-3 short weeks.

thx for visiting ;o)

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  1. Give it a go. Designing your own sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Glad you dad is doing so well. He must be a very determined person to be up and getting mobile so very quickly after what he's been through.