Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have pictures. Tanglewood and Celtic Autumn. Yup both :o)

Tanglewood: One branch - working on the outline of the knots and it will be complete and on to the next :P

The six top bands of Celtic Autumn are now complete. Beads and all. Now on to either the letters below or the boxes going down the left side. Decisions!

I had planned on stitching more in Autumn tonight but catching up on Fringe. Thank gods for being able to watch full episodes on computers. So far so good. X-files ish. Hope it doesnt turn into Threshold and vanish after 8 episodes with no finish.

Hope you enjoy the pictures


  1. Celtic Autumn is looking wonderful so far. I remember when I stiched mine (in 2005), I really enjoyed it and tried to take it one day at a time. What I always like to do with these kinds of pieces is start with the face/head and then I have something beautiful to look at all through my stitching. Can't wait to see it develop.

  2. Oh I am SO jealous!! :D Tanglewood is looking gorgeous and Autumn is going to be wonderful! Did you enlarge the chart for tangle?

  3. Both of these pieces are looking wonderful so far!

  4. The colours in Tanglewood are lovely.

    Somne good progress on Celtic Autumn. I didn't dare start with the borders in case I ran out of space by miscalculating. They look fun to stitch