Sunday, September 14, 2008


No real updates today.

Found a frog issue on Humble Stable - ripped that mess out and got started on the re-stitching.

Took the kids to see Dad again. Didnt stay too long as he just finished dialysis and was completely worn out. Probably wont be able to get back there until Friday. He does go in to surgery tomorrow (not sure when atm) for more skin grafts for his left arm and right side.

D decided to take the family to the fountain park for dinner. Had chicken, jojos, yams and pop. Ok, only I had the yams (baked and then mashed with butter - yummm). After dinner the kids ran around in the fountain. Nice end to a good weekend.

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  1. Glad to hear that your dad is continuing to recover. It must be so frustrating for him (and everyone) that recovery is so slow. Where are those darn tricorders and Star-trekky gadgets that can stitch up our wounds and mend our broken bones with lasers and such???

    Tanglewood looks great on that one branch...those colors are so beautiful.