Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more Sunflowerhouse

This project seems to be the WIP of the week for as much as Ive been working on it. I am trying to get A project done before I start on Celtic Autumn. I was able to purchase the treasure gold thread for her today, that leaves just the gold beads.

I was able to stitch like a fiend on the ride home today. Perfect spot on the train, already had needles threaded and off I went.
Found the following from Anna:
September 3, National Stitch-In-Public Day EGA invites stitchers of all ages and skill levels to join in a day of community crafting that will celebrate the traditions and trends of needlework, right right where they are. There's no cost - just an effort to encourage community among stitchers. Embroiders, quilters, knitters and who [sic] will shine a light on their crafts Sept. 3 by stitching together in public spaces such as coffee shops, parks, malls – anywhere they can be seen. Let EGA Headquarters know about your event so photos, stories and updates can be shared online. Contact Brad at bcape@egausa.org if your chapter or group of stitchers wants to organize an event. Call (502) 589-6956.
Keep this date in mind - and if you can join in. My local chapter didnt have any plans listed on their public site (non member area) so I have no clue if they are doing anything. I do plan on finding a more public spot to work on my lunch-time stitching (other than my desk).

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