Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drive or not drive

that is the question I am pondering this evening. See my 20th HS reunion (just dated myself, I know) is This Friday (O M G) and the grand partay is in Downtown-ish Portland. Now with the Wonderful Tri-Met, I could - so easily - take the train, and or bus to where the shindig is being held and take the same back home. Save in parking fees, gas and obscene yelling at the stupidity of other drivers during rush-hour traffic (and I so would). BUT (huge but) the bus I need to take stops at 1:45 am and starting 7:30ishpm only runs every 1/2 hr (partay is "done" at midnight). Now while I dont mind standing, waiting for transportation, that late at night around bar area just aint my idea of a fun time. *sigh

D isnt going with me, doesnt know most of my classmates and those he does know - doesnt feel the need to reach out and say Hi. And Im in the mindset that I know he would have more fun at home AND this way we dont need babysitters. Win-win all around.

On the stitching front, Still plugging away on Sunflower house. AND getting a hole in my middle finger from stitching. Must find a protector for that sore spot soon or I may have to take a break (*gasp!!) from stitching anything!


  1. My foster mom has her 20 year high school reunion this month too. She's not going to go though because it's too far away.

    Have fun!

  2. You also may have fun ;) It depends how were your HS years ...

  3. My DH's 20th reunion was this past weekend - we missed it because we went to a family wedding instead. Mine is technically coming up in 2 years, but I sincerely doubt we'll even have anything.

    I guess if your DH is watching the kids, he won't be able to come pick you up, but what are the odds you can either catch a ride home with someone, or perhaps even take a taxi? That way you wouldn't have to worry about waiting for the bus, and it would still probably be cheaper than driving.

  4. Congratulations on your 20 year reunion.

    Stitching break? Horrors! I sometimes use a dab of "New Skin" liquid bandage to cover sore spots.