Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunflower update

More stitching on Sunflower House yesterday (as posted) and more today. Added more to the roof and side of the house today, trying to get more shelter for the owners. So far luck has held out and the frogs have pretty much left the owners be (but we all know I just let the cat out of the bag...)

Found a neet trick for free hand stitching when dealing with all the extra fabric around where you are stitching - Rolling! I know it seems like SUCH a no-brainer but apparently My brain had difficulty with this. I had been wadding (which causes more wrinkles than I care to think about) and there is only so much fabric my hands can take wadded up. Now take rolling the extra fabric and wow! its no problem. Thx to a fellow stitcher at A&T for that trick :o)

More happy news - PAX tickets came in the mail yesterday and tomorrow I will be purchasing train tickets for our way up to Seattle. Lurking the PAX forums, D found that PAX attendees tend to take over a train-car or 2 from LA to Seattle and so far there is still room left on the train. They have the trip pretty well planned as to those bringing consoles, games, TVs, food, drinks and Drinks with people in charge of the Drinks and making sure the costly consoles get back to their owners.

While this is our 3rd trip to PAX, it will be the first for the train. We had been thinking of taking the train mainly for cost savings - savings in gas (there and back) as well as the $25 per day parking the hotel this year will be charging. Could be close to $275-300 just in gas and parking alone! From Portland, OR!! Train tickets - $124. For both of us. ROUND TRIP!! We will be riding Tri-Met (pdx mass transit) to the train station (cost of D's ticket only as I have a free pass from work) and with the number of folks on the train up, we may be able to share a cab (and the scary fare that could come with that) to the hotel.

So - Saving $$ and vacation time with the Man and the kids will be at In-laws :o) I so cannot wait until PAX!

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  1. Sunflower house is looking good, hope the frogs keep away!

  2. SH is looking good, Rachel. That's a great tip you shared. You must stitch in hand?

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for visiting my blog.

    I am now on a return visit to you (through the link you left on my blog) and I have to say I just love the title of your blog. You sound like a really fun person.