Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunflower update II

Yes another update. This project is getting stitched up rather quickly. Helps that there are large patches where I can just stitch if I have needles threaded and find a happy spot on the ride into downtown.

Thank you to all who gave great ideas and alternatives to waiting for the bus. It should be rather easy to find a ride back to Beaverton or take a taxi. Im even still thinking about driving in just so I have an easy way out if needed.

As for the sore finger, I have some band aids that completely surround a wound and form a blister of protection. Also works great to save my finger and stop the needle from doing more damage.


  1. HI!! ::waving:: Cab driver here!!! :o)

    Michelle crafteecab.blogspot.


  2. Another PDX stitcher that blogs...awesome!! Hey, do I know you??? I've been to the last couple of Canned Nuts @ A&T, but I still don't remember a lot of names. I hope in the next year or so, to make it to more of the stitching nights, but it's dependent on my school schedule.

    BTW Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love your sunflower house. It's coming along great.

    Oh, and I just finished up the Glory Bee Flying Monkeys chart...wanna trade???