Friday, July 18, 2008

No stitching Friday

Totally laid back day off today, yup, another Friday off :o). Did run around and completed a couple of errands, looked at some Ott lights (not impressed), played dominoes with the kids (so fun!) and purchased PC Stitch Pro. Not gonna have enough time tonight to do too heavy of a check out on the program. Need to download the instructions as Ive heard its not intuitive.

What I did find hard to believe is the lack of reviews on this product or at least that I could find, not that it would really have an impact of my purchase but it would have been nice to find out a bit more of what Im getting myself into. I do already have a drawing pad from Wacom that worked great with the demo. D already had it and think its a bonus I can use it with this program.

Once Ive had a better chance to play, I will post my review.

Thx for visiting.

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