Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stitch groups = frog infestations

As much fun as stitch groups are, they are leading to major frog infestations. With the fixing of the tree in Neighborhood (well as far as ripping 1/2 of the darn thing out but not replacing anything yet) I thought I would sit back and work on P's stocking tonight. Last I worked on it as we recall is at the Nutty Holiday group at A&T this past Tuesday. What did I find? (you only get ONE guess!!) I got to rip out everything I stitched during group! It was almost enough to make me cry (*sniff) But I figure I am good to go for the next time I pick either one of these items up to stitch on again.

So after a full day of frogging, I am heading to bed with the thought that maybe my infestation helped you all out by keeping the frogs a way long enough to inspire great finishes :o)

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