Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quiet weekend

I was sent to stitch group on Sat at A&T by D and told to spend as much time as I needed. I love him so much!! I got there a bit after ten and left a tad after 3pm. Worked on Needleworker and as far as I can tell, no frogs visited.

And with that done, I spent no more time stitching the rest of the weekend :(

Sat afternoon was actually spend playing WoW, actually made it to 43 with my Druid. Havent logged into WoW to really play in months - have to say I havent really missed it :)

D and I will be heading off to PAX again this year (w00t!), Gamers of the world unite :) Its basically E3 but specifically for the public. This year there will be a section for independent game creators.

To finish up the weekend, I trolled sites for Halloween charts and found quite a few that will be joining my collections. I will post pics when they come home.

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