Monday, July 28, 2008

More New Friends

found today while trolling blogs.

Some are from the LHN Neighborhood SAL Ive joined up with. Some of the gals stitching Im already lurking, others Ive added to Reader so I can keep up with other stitchy (and non stitchy) items. Other new friends are from the Celtic Lady SAL blog Ive joined (cant have enough reasons for stash!). All members are so creative and stitch beautiful pieces! As always I feel challenged to do better, challenges can be a good thing :o) I invite everyone to check out the wonderful work these ladies have accomplished and stay tuned for updates on what they are working on!

Get ready for a RANT

Have you heard that the US government is complaining that we are not driving enough! Now the government (lower case g on purpose) is whining that the highway funds are going to suffer. Something like 9 Billion (yes BILLION) miles less driving this year than last. Get ready for the huge DUH!!
Gas is expensive as hell and a sieve in the budget so we manage our driving trips better or choose to take public transportation. I feel gifted because the company I work for pays for an annual transit pass, $800+ savings for me last year (that's just for the pass, not the gas, maintenance or parking fees I might have paid). Now that we have been "merged" I dont know how much longer it will continue. And we have to assume that mass-transit fees will go up with gas costs. I do have to brag that I was able to survive 1 month with 1 tank of gas. Thankfully the station where I catch MAX is less than 1/2 mile from my house (yes I could even walk but the crazies and the weather scare me off from doing that - yet) and the boys are now taking the bus to and from school (another savings in mileage). D travels less than 5 miles to his work, he is on a bus line and has ridden his bicycle but for now he drives.

Rant off - just had to get that off my chest. May have another rant for tomorrow - on what is up with people, bags/backpacks and riding public transportation. Will just have to see what happens during the commute tomorrow :P

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  1. Ah. This happens every time. Postage rates go up, people send fewer letters, USPS has less revenue, so they raise rates. Sales taxes go up, people buy less things, guvermint has less money, raise taxes. Expect the gas tax to be raised any day now.