Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny boys and silly cats

Why is it that all boys need for a good laugh is a fart sound? Or rather any silly, funny, weird sound you can make with any body part? If I need to hear a good little boy giggle or laugh is to make a funny sound and DL will come running (and laughing) to find out how I did it. We can spend minutes (attention span issues - 7 yr old we are talking about here) playing around with me making the sound and him trying his best to copy it, and laughing at the same time.

I will so miss these times when he is older.

Now on to the silly cat. I will start with the water dish. Homer has decided that he cannot have the water dish next to the wall as it blocks a direct path to his food dish. Now please note I said A direct path, not the only path. If said water dish is next to the wall, he will move it until it is in the middle of the darn room (and a big room at that) with most of the water ending all over the floor. The only way to battle this is to place the water dish 7-10 inches away from the wall so he can sit next to the wall, eat his food and get his side wet cause it is in the water...
(note - that the water is changed a min of 3 times per day. A must with a Maine Coon mix as the food gets caught in his beard (?) and dropped into the water. Side gets wet cause he's about 23-25 lbs)

Next item on this silly cat business is moving lights. Ikea has light diodes, clear (white) and colored. D and I got the colored ones for our computer room and placed them under the desks for ambiance lighting. There are 4 settings, which I happen to like the slow changing colors setting. Homer does not. He hates them and will refuse to lounge under my desk when that setting is on. Off, or steady light? He is in his chosen lounge spot if we are in the back of the house or in the office. So to keep him out of D's feet and desk area, I leave the lights steady - the things I do for my kitty...


  1. Hi Rachel

    My first visit to your blog, will stop by for a better look tomorrow. If only it was just young boys that found such things amusing, I think that sort of sense of humour stays with all males for life.

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    Hope to see you there.

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