Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long weekend

I made great progress on Housework yesterday and today. Im sure if I had started it instead of Creed on Friday it would be done :P Had a HUGE frog infestation on Creed and Im still trying to figure out what the heck happened so I can exterminate them :( I will post pictures of the new starts soon. A&T will be getting more LHN's Neighborhood in later this week so I can start in on the SAL Nicole has put together. This makes 3 SALs Im in volved in (w00t) and I still need to make time for P's stocking (woops :P)

D & I took the boys to see Wall-E today for P's b-day. Very funny movie, so much that I had to shush DL a number of times. He has already request that we buy it. P's family B-day party on Sat was good. All the Lego presents have been put together and shown around. He did say he would have them competed by today :). My Aunt Martha was even in town and was able to stop by (she brought a Huge bag of cherries with her, yummm).

Thanks for stopping by.

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