Tuesday, July 8, 2008

'puter problems?

or pebkac? New computer, old monitor that doesnt want to cooperate with camera memory card = no pictures added to the blog. And I really have pictures!!

I havent worked on Housework since Sunday, wasnt able to bring any WIPs out during lunch Monday and we went shopping for a ... vacuum cleaner yesterday (took up all my stitching time but we so needed a new one). Creed managed to jump out a bit at lunch today, long enough for me to figure out how to fix my frog issue (aka misplaced stitch) and fix that one small section. And tonight, P's stocking - Mine All Mine, jumped off the WIP area and into my lap. Well, I did what every stitcher would do when faced with a NEW PROJECT. I got working :P Not much to see atm, just part of a wing but while the camera was out, I snapped.

I will post pictures using my laptop (I know that works) tomorrow morning, just not in the mood to wait the 10-15 min of start up time it takes to log in (darn work encryption)

I received the color changes for Celtic Autumn from Andie (thank you!!!) and its now on my wish list. With those changes in hand I went surfing to see how other color changes for the other seasons and WOW. Such thinking going on. There are changes including capes and hoods and completely different dresses... Now to only make the time and pick!

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