Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And the Dragon came out to play

P's stocking dragon that is. After a bad case of frogs, I had to put it a way for a while so it wouldnt get other projects sick but last night it begged (rather loudly) to be worked on. So off to work it went. I replaced the bits I had frogged earlier (months ago?) and was able to add quite a bit more.

At the moment, none of the projects are begging or asking to be worked on - should I be worried?? No matter. The dragon (X's & O's Mine all Mine) will be going in the bag for work along with its project bag friend Sunflower House by Cathy Jean. (project friends cause the current bag is big enough for the charts). I will work on posting pics over the weekend when the camara is home.

I spent a good amount of time this evening lurking blogs and adding quite a few to my reader. Ive said it before - Im amazed at the beautiful work others are creating. It gets me going to get more stash!! My LNS loves the enabling :o) Any charts I see and just have to have, I order through the LNS if they dont have it in stock - doing my best to keep the local shop alive.

No rants today. As soon as I commented about people, bags/back packs and public transportation, everyone has been behaving rather well.

PAX count down - 30 days

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