Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Sunflowers

are completed on my Sunflower House and part of a stem. Thats all I could get myself to work on this evening. Ive decided that while silk threads are nice and bright and sparkle, they just arent for me and unless they make the piece (like for the flower petals on Sunflower House) I will leave them be and just look at them in the shop :o).

For some left of center reason I was frantic to get dinner cooked right when I got home tonight. And I decided to make chicken enchiladas instead of the easy Boleli pizza. D was nice enough to point that out when he got home. Well they will make for a nice and easy Friday meal (along with a tasty salad which I was just too pooped to make today).

The grok blog list has been updated to show all my new lurking places. May be a bit extreme to show all on the blog. Have to wait and see how it goes - may make some changes, may leave it be.

Speaking of updating blog layouts, I noticed (and grimaced) my section on the Happy Home SAL, which I havent worked on for a couple of weeks and just now remembered that today was the SAL day. Oh well, maybe it will scream and be brought out for playing this weekend...


  1. Mmmm. I LOVE silk threads and would sew with them more, but I usually keep to the recommended threads. What is your problem with them? Catch on your hands? Shred too easily? (Happened to me with Empress Silk -- threw them all away.) Knot? Slip through the needle? I have the last problem with Hawaiian Mandala (which is ALL silk except for the parts that are metallics). I treat the silk threads like metallics and loop them through the eye so that they won't slip out. Works with NPI silks, but not the variegated ones. Luckily Caron, Gloriana, and Dinky Dye silks are a little bit thicker than NPI and don't slip out of the needle as much.

  2. I guess it would be the way I stitch. I dont like looping the threads and they tend to slip out of the needle more. But the main reason would be that one side of the thread that always seems to puff up and I have to tug to get both somewhat even on the X, seems to occur more with silk than with cotton.

    Thanks for stopping by :o)