Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a nice, quiet weekend

its been. Spent a bit of time at the Sat farmers market, picked up some wonderful looking asparagus, green leaf lettuce, lemon-aid, cookies and of course Kettle corn. Also picked up a bread maker for D. Its a Cuisinart, not sure if we will keep it as it "burns" the crust. even so, it does make the house smell soooo good :P Grandparents, Rex & Peggy stopped by to drop off an early b-day present for P, a golf bag! It was given early so he could use it during golf camp this week. So far he has found pockets for everything (tees, balls, water bottle and stuff).

Sunday had P and me running around town looking for a putter. He has a 7 iron, driver but no putter... That was corrected with a visit to Galaxy Golf (golfers dream shop). He keeps pestering me for a wedge (like he really needs one yet). Not sure why the wedge, but the pestering continues.

And while I had him captive in the car, we whipped by Joann's to figure out the colors he wanted for his stocking. The Dragon stays green but with the colors we chose for the dragon, we had to change colors on some of the packages. I have no pics of that stash, they've been bobbined and put away. I need to request assistance from the ladies at my lns for starting help. Cant start in the top right or left corners as I need space for a name and of course make sure I leave room for the stocking to be cut correctly :)

Now the only thinking to do is figure out if I really need to start another project or make myself finish at least ONE of the WIPs I have ( or 2)...

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  1. Why not start the stocking in the middle (of the chart and the fabric)? Then you will be sure it will fit!